Toilets in hospitals breed diseases

It is appalling to note that all the toilets in all government hospitals stink and breed diseases. I would suggest that private companies maintain these toilets by deploying one employee per toilet and the patients pay Rs.10/= each time he/she uses the toilet. If this system is implemented the maintenance expenditure will not be a burden on the hospital/government budget. For example Abans has employed road sweepers, garbage removing crews etc. This system could be operative with the cooperation and assistance of the patients themselves. The Health Ministry could send a directive to all hospital administration units to deploy companies to do this.

Government hospitals are patronized by the affluent, the middle class and the poor, where some may even give more money for this purpose. The other alternative is to levy a toilet fee by the company deployed to maintain toilets on a weekly basis from the patient. The patients who could not afford this fee could be exempted and those who could afford could pay more on a voluntary basis. Most of the sick fear to enter government hospitals due to the toilets being in a bad condition. No one has come out with a solution for this problem.

Even public toilets are in an appalling state.Take for instance the Colombo National hospital which provide excellent care for the patients, the medical staff well trained, wards kept clean. But all these services are defeated when you do not have clean toilets. Let us hope patients get cured and they do not get infected with various diseases relating to stinking toilets in hospitals.



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