Slaughtering elephants for their tusks


Very recently there was a news item of the killing of a massive tusker in order to remove the tusks. It was also reported that this was not the first time that it has happened in the past, which means the authorities have to be vigilant on this matter. In early 2015, the Customs had detected a container load of tusks which was mistakenly unloaded in the Colombo Port on its transshipment. These tusks had been obtained by killing many animals by poachers, and our authorities have for whatever reason decided to destroy them by crushing and setting fire to them in order to prevent the killing of tuskers in future. Has it prevented killing tuskers in the future?

I would say that these authorities and rulers have to exercise their power more vigilantly and cautiously, rather than taking rash decisions in order to obtain publicity. If they had thought about this carefully before destroying, and sell the tasks in order to establish a fund to protect wild animals, it could have been more beneficial, fruitful and productive than merely destroying a valuable resource. Has it given life to the slaughtered elephants by setting fire to their tusks? This is the most disgraceful way of destroying valuable property, and I hope they will think carefully before doing such an act in the future.


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