Beer plunges SPC into chaos

By Nimal Bogahagoda

Following a heated argument between Deputy Chairman of the Southern Provincial Council (SPC) Sampatth Athukorale and UNP Councillor T. V. K. Gamini, Chairman of the Southern Provincial Council Somawansa Kodagoda ordered the former to maintain decorum.

The meeting was held at the Council auditorium on Nov. 13.

After Cooperatives Minister U. G. D. Ariyatillake finished his speech T. V. K. Gamini said the Coopreatives Minister was blaming the cooperative employees after losing the budget and the workers were simply following the minister.

At this juncture Deputy Chairman Sampath Athulorale said that Councillor Gamini was attending the sessions of the Council after guzzling beer.

Councillor Gamini vehemently protested against the statement a heated argument ensued.

T. V. K. Gamini: How can you accuse me of drinking beer and coming to the Council? It is a false allegation.

Deputy Chairman Sampath Athukorale: Don’t drink ‘Milo’ claiming that there is too much sugar in beer. Beer is the drink recommended by the government and request that councillors be given a bottle of beer each.

Gamini: How can you talk like that? Is it because you have been dubbed the eldest son of Rajapaksa. This is an affront to my dignity.

I am ready to face a breathalyser test to clear my name. Either withdraw your statement or prove that I have consumed beer. I am one hundred percent sober.

Chief Organiser of the Opposition of the Council Asoka Danawansa: This is a serious statement, which must be withdrawn. It amounts to a breach of privileges of the UNP Councillor.

Chairman Somawansa Kodagoda: Councillors cannot request to expunge statements. When addressing the house they should do so with dignity.

Later the statement was withdrawn.

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