The happiness of flow


We find the greatest pleasure when we get ourselves totally engrossed in our work. It really does a magic by vanishing our entire self or earthly existence. Sometimes a sudden noise makes us realize that we indeed have transported, as it were, to a different world, as created by the author of a book in which we have sublimated our mind energy. It is like leaving our own body, so to speak, to go to the world of imagination!

We really get the taste of infinity when we do or enjoy some creative work, or even do our household chores with deep concentration. At that time, we tend to lose track of time or even our ego. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi of Claremont Graduate University described this as the happiness of flow. He said that we could train ourselves to experience such a flow to make us really happy.

This highlights the need to wholeheartedly concentrate on our work or job, and cultivate a hobby to get happiness. As a matter of fact, our pursuit of pleasure can give us only temporary happiness, as just after getting the object of our desire, we tend to lose interest in it. Whereas, happiness of flow can take us to the world of harmony and make us in tune with the Universe.




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