Over 450 win foreign tours through AIA Insurance’s Real Rewards


AIA Real Rewards, one of the most extensive customer rewards programs in Sri Lanka’s insurance industry, has just completed two years with over 450 stamping an exotic tourist destination on their passports and enjoying a vacation abroad in the past two years.

Kelum Senanayake, Director Operations at AIA Sri Lanka said, "We understand that our customers invest their money with us to safeguard their families and futures and we want to ensure they get the most out of their policies. We want to avoid hindrances such as policy lapses getting in the way of their making the most of their investment and keeping their loved ones protected."

"That is why we incentivize them with the chance of winning exciting foreign trips, so they will stay with us and hopefully even opt to pay by standing order (with their banks)."

He added, "What makes AIA Real Rewards stand out in the market is the flexibility and choice it offers customers. Winners are given the freedom to choose when they want to travel and where they would like to travel out of the six destinations on offer. What’s more, their chances of winning are not restricted in any way and they can win two months in a row, if they are lucky enough! This is one of the most unique customer programs in the country with a great deal of flexibility and we are proud to be able to offer our customers a chance to travel and make memories with their loved ones."

The AIA Real Rewards program gives 10 lucky AIA life policyholders a three-day holiday package for two, every month. They can choose from six holiday destinations, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Kerala, Bali or Chennai, an AIA news release said.

AIA Real Rewards is intended at recognizing and rewarding policyholders, through a lucky draw system, for being with AIA. You need to have been with AIA for over three months to be eligible to win. And if you pay with a standing order, you increase your chances of winning.

"Find out more about how you could be a Real Rewards winner by calling 2310310," the release said.

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