Parents devastated: Inadequate funds hold up daughter’s Intra Cardiac Repair treatment in Chennai

A heart-rending story of a sick child

Chalani Divumini

Nalaka Soysa and his wife Shiranthi Harshani are devastated. As desperately poor parents, they are still struggling to raise funds to take their beloved daughter Chalani Divumini to Chennai for specialized medical treatment as she is suffering from an acute cardiac disease.

Dr. K. Sivakumar, Head – Department of Paediatric Cardiology, Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases, Madras Medical Mission (MMM), Chennai, wanted the child brought to the hospital in the third week of July, but they could not find the money to make the journey.

According to Dr. Sivakumar the patient needs "Intra Cardiac Repair, another surgical correction and treatments". Earlier, the child underwent open heart surgery at the same medical facility and after subsequent check-ups and treatment, she was fitted with a cardio microphone.

It is a sea of tears for 10-year-old Chalani Divumini’s parents as the life of their darling ‘apple of the eye’ now hangs in the balance. With the required follow-up mandatory medical care long overdue, the child is at risk of developing life-threatening complications.

But, with nobody to reach out to help them to save their precious child’s life, what can the poor parents, for whom life is an infinite battle, do in this grave hour of need other than grieve in silence?

Some hearts that melted did help the family in whatever small way possible, but they still need Rs. 700,000 to make the journey to Chennai for specialized medical care for the child. The Madras Medical Mission has quoted Rs. 852,500 (US$ 5,500) for the "Intra Cardiac Repair, another surgical correction and treatments". This is apart from the cost of air tickets and accommodation for the patient and her parents.

With every passing day, the child’s condition could take a turn for the worse. She has developed blisters on her legs and the hospital wants her "brought there immediately", but without the necessary funds, the parents are in despair. Every living moment is a nightmare for them as the possibility of losing their dear daughter looms large.

Chalani’s father is a casual laborer, while her mother works in a garment factory. As they have no means to meet the expenses involved other than to depend on public charity, they appeal for financial assistance to save the life of their child.

Donors can credit their contributions to A/C No. 102657129083 at Sampath Bank, Panadura branch or 8124458 at Bank of Ceylon, Panadura branch in favor of the child’s father, H. P. Nalaka Soysa. He can be contacted on mobile 071-4758595 or 0788-795930.

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