15 years of nursing excellence with IIHS


IIHS has a 15 year old solid academic relationship with Deakin University and offers students a 3 + 1 pathway via IIHS, where student complete a 3 year Advanced Diploma in General Nursing program at IIHS and completes 1 year at Deakin University where the student will obtain a Bachelor of Nursing Degree. Additionally, Deakin University offers a very generous 20% scholarship to IIHS students and also a 50% scholarship for the student who is nominated as the ‘Most Outstanding Student of IIHS’.

By choosing Nursing at IIHS, students will gain the opportunity to learn from a local and international faculty. With its reputation in the international health care sector, IIHS offers students a program which aligns with international health care standards. If you have completed your Advanced Levels, you too could join the ‘Smart Revolution’ at IIHS and enter the global workforce. For those who have not completed Advanced Levels, the ‘Foundation in Biological Sciences’ program offered by IIHS serves as a groundwork for Nursing. In order to enter the Foundation program, the applicant requires passes in his/her Ordinary Level exams. This program allows students to continue their future studies in Australia, United States of America and the United Kingdom. Registrations now open for the September intake. Speak to Ms. Nadeeka on 0711660441 / 0114651144 for further information.

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