SAKS Analytics leads the way for Sri Lankan corporates to understand & engage in Commercial Analytical Values of Data


Dr. Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan Usmani,Director at SAKS Analytics and world renowned data scientist speaks at a seminar on "Data Driven Excellence" by SAKS Analytics.

The scale and diversity of Sri Lanka’s economy makes it an ideal candidate for the deployment of advanced data analytics according to world renowned, Pakistani-born, data scientist and recently appointed Director at SAKS Analytics, Dr. Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan Usmani.

Addressing a gathering of Sri Lanka’s most innovative pioneers and aspiring practitioners in data analytics at a seminar organized by SAKS under the theme: "Data Driven Excellence", Dr. Zeeshan elaborated on the many varied applications of data science to real world problems with a view to driving innovative, cost effective, and ultimately, highly practical solutions to seemingly intractable day-to-day obstacles.

Drawing on his trailblazing work applying analytics to non-traditional data sources in order to determine commercial analytical value (CAV) across an extremely diverse spectrum of fields spanning real-estate to garments, counter-terrorism to education, and health and insurance sectors, Dr. Zeeshan pointed to potential applications of his techniques at a national level through the SAKS Analytics.

SAKS was a entrepreneurial idea of Founding CEO, Jeevan Gnanam, who saw the need for quality offshore services for companies that were looking at expanding their business services into overseas markets.

Over the course of the seminar, participants were provided a wealth of information on the fundamentals of data science, and walked through multiple case studies where analytics, social media analysis and data science had been successfully utilized in order to accurately predict demographic behaviors and converted into commercial and social growth opportunities.

SAKS Analytics is a subsidiary of SAKS Global & the St. Anthony’s Industries Group - One of Sri Lanka’s largest and oldest conglomerates. SAKS Global is a Business Services firm that provides a range of Accounting/Bookkeeping services, Research & Analytics and Contact Center Services. Deploying cutting edge technologies to generate new opportunities for growth and improvement, SAKS Analytics currently caters to a diverse variety of clients in the US, UK and Australia.

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