Staff of BOC’s Western Province North donates to renovate a ward at Welisara Chest Hospital


The staff of the Western Province North (WPN) of the Bank of Ceylon has volunteered to conduct a Corporate Social Responsible Project at the Welisara Chest Hospital to refurbish Ward 13 through donations that were collected from the employees and through a fund raising campaign.

They conducted this campaign to get the ward and its furniture painted and repaired into a very good condition. The in-house patients of this ward can now enjoy clean and refreshed environment whilst receiving treatments that will provide psychological comfort to recover soon. BOC staff also voluntarily donated a TB detecting microscope scan that will expedite health/ potential TB checking of incoming patients thus avoiding long queues and waiting lists for them to get their condition assessed. The Welisara Hospital treats many patients who are mainly coming from nearby villages who find it difficult to reach expensive medical treatment and travel long distance from their hometowns.

BOC staff fully painted the ward no.13 and remaining beds, repaired the roof that has been an urgent need for many years, installed ceiling fans and tube lights, equipped with dozen of new steel cupboards and mosquito nets. They took time off their regular schedule to participate in this noble task to facilitate this hospital ward that provides immense benefits to patients coming from all nearby areas for treatment. On part of the Bank’s employee voluntarism, the Bank of Ceylon encourages Corporate Social Responsible activities taken up by the staff of the bank. It is embedded in the Bank’s CSR Policy that employee voluntarism with highest regard as an integral part in contributing back to the community in which the branch operates with genuine intentions to uplift the social and economic condition of the area.

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