Mosquito breeding –
municipalities worst offender


People are being advised to keep their houses and gardens clean and free of stagnant water so that mosquito breeding is minimized. Municipal officers visit homes accompanied by policemen and look for mosquito breeding places and take legal action if they find any. They visited my house and cut the Rampe tree saying that there are mosquito larvae in the water collected between the leaves. They threatened to take legal action against me. I took them out of our premises and showed them the roadside drain which is supposed to be maintained by the municipality. I showed them the water collected in puddles in the drain. I showed them the mosquito larvae in that water. I took out a little of that water with larvae in a bottle and gave it to them and told them to find out whether there are any Aedes Aegyptus larvae among them. They took the bottle and went away muttering "me wedeng apita thamai parippu kandawenne" (it is we who have to eat parippu because of this work) and forgetting to take legal action against me.

All road side drains without exception are in this state and are the main mosquito breeding places. The municipalities do nothing to control mosquito breeding in these drains. Cannot they use some of the money they collect as rates etc. from us to spray some malathion or DDT into these drains. They make a big show about Dengue prevention, but they do not take simple and inexpensive measures to control mosquito breeding in their own backyard. If these are the instructions coming from the top, all that I can say is that it reflects the general attitude of the government.

N. A. de S. Amaratunga


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