Lanka's forests under threat


The print and electronic media have recently badly point out the huge threat to the country's forest cover tin strategic locations near Wilpattu, Menkulam/Vavuniya, Panama/Komari, Nilagala/Bibile, the buffer zone of Sinharaja World Heritage, Trincomale and several other areas either because of forest land grabs under the guise of dubious and suspect settlements, or because of some of the so-called much touted development thrusts in or near forested lands. What will happen it the Management of such forest land is devolved from the centre to the provinces or districts is anybody's guess. The forested land and its rare biodiversity will be devaslated, water sources would dry up and provicial or districal "rulers" could block watershed waters to adjoining provinces or districts and even hire foreign mining companies to go for the valuable mineral wealth presently well protected along with the country's forests.

Therefore, to ensure the survival of Sri Lanka's environment and climate as it is at least, the Management of all natural forests, man-made forests and Wild Life lauds should never be devolved. It should be kept under the tight grip of the country's Central Government and all suspect settlement projects in or near forests scrapped.



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