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Galle Face garbage heap

I was taking my daily constitutional on the Galle Face promenade one day after Vesak when I saw a massive garbage heap. The following day I saw a CMC garbage truck collecting only waste cardboard and plastic.

I noticed many foreign tourists walk past the garbage heap.

Nine days after Vesak, today (19) I saw the rubbish heap there with crows and dogs feasting on it.

Before Vesak I was almost manhandled by the Presidential Security for crossing the path of the President, who was walking. He must have seen the rubbish heap.

I saw yesterday Minster of Tourism also passing by making faces about the Stink. He did not even bother to take any action.

The late President Ranasinghe Premadasa called one evening while I was heading a corporation and inquired about the appalling condition of Hamilton Canal bank and garbage. He demanded to know why we had not taken any action. The area was cleaned next to no time.

If the garbage on the Galle Face Green cannot be cleared, how CMC and Megapolis can handle 1,000 tons of garbage in Colombo?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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