Asian Congress on Iridology in Colombo on April 22, 23

By Harischandra Gunaratna


Sri Lanka Iridology Association President Tharindu Fernando on Wednesday said "Iridology reveals the whole person, not merely a disease or a single condition of the body.

Addressing media at a news conference in Colombo to announce the inaugural Asian congress of Iridology to be held from 22-23 this month at the Colombo Taj, Fernando explaining what is Iridology in a nutshell said. "By knowing what kind of body you have, your strengths and weaknesses you can choose the best food, the best exercise, the best environment, and the best profession for you".

He said Iridology directed you to the correct path in life and one need not undergo a lot of stress, but cultivate good food habits, regular cleansing of the body and controlled blood sugar etc.

Iridologist Fernando said "Most of my patients are of the structural type: Anxiety Tetanic. They tend to get anxious and over committed to projects, they find themselves completing only half of their daily tasks, eat on the run and fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day. The contraction furrows in this type indicates that they don’t relax; instead, they push themselves beyond what any other human being could accomplish in a lifetime and they try it in one year."

The Asian conference will attract around 100 delegates from around the world.

The event had been designed for doctors, Optometrists, Iridologists, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Medical students, Nurses and all other paramedics, he added.

The key speakers at the event are Senior Iridologist Toni Miller of Australia, Betty Sue Ob’rian of the USA, President of International Iridology Practitioners Association Christos Milankos, Natutopath Rex Miller, both from Australia. And Sri Lanka’s own Tharindu Fernando.

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