This is in response to your excellent editorial in The Island of 17/4/2017. There is no one else to be blamed other than the politicians of all parties, as well as the bureaucracy, most of whom are appointed by the former. More than thirty people have paid with their precious lives and as usual the politicians are at it again by providing donations and funeral expenses, and in a few days time a commission will be appointed!

Sri Lankans are indeed a very unfortunate breed of people to have been ruled by a set of self serving politicians from the day they received independence from the British. They use their wit and cunning to capture power at elections and then forget the voters, as what happened in Meethotamulla. Fortunately for them the majority of Sri Lankans are either ‘nivata’ or selfish. They forget all the trauma bestowed on them by the politicians, and even in the present case a similar scenario is bound to occur.

We have to resign to our own fate, as there is no budding politician even in the horizon akin to Mr. Lee Quan Yu of Singapore or Dr. Mahathir Mohamed of Malaysia.

I wish to add to the last sentence of your editorial that our politicians are lucky that the country is without laws to make them face a firing squad. The author was able to view a news item broadcast by the BBC when he was there in the late seventies. In a country called Liberia, ruled by a corrupt set of politicians, the army was able to capture power in a bloodless coup. These politicians and the bureaucrats were caught and were facing a firing squad. They were not even blindfolded and were tied on to several poles in an open space. The public were allowed to witness it, and when the shooting started people who were so angry with them tried to grab the weapons from the soldiers to shoot the politicians themselves. The soldiers had to then fire in the air to disperse the crowd.

However, such things would never happen in our country with such an impotent population who keep on voting for the same scoundrels whatever their colour or policies are!


University teacher


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