Six UPFA councillors withdraw support for SLMC Chief Minister of EP


By Ranil Dharmasena and Saman Mallawarachchi

Six UPFA councillors withdrew affidavits they had submitted earlier in support of the Chief Minister.

They are M.S. Uduman Lebbe, Wimalaweera Dissanayake, M. L. A. Ameer, W. P. Weerasinghe, V. M. Jayasena and Jayantha Wijesekera.

The support of 19 councillors is needed for the ruling SLMC to control the EPC.

SLMC councillor Nazar Ahmed was sworn in recently as Chief Minister of the council as he had been assured the support of 12 UPFA members, seven SLMC members and a single Member of the National Freedom Front. However, as six members had switched their allegiance yesterday, the number of councillors supporting the Chief Minister had come down to 14.

Meanwhile, UPFA councillor Ariyawathi Galappaththi assumed duties as the Province’s Minister of Education yesterday. A. M. Nasheer has been nominated for the post of Province’s Minister of Fisheries and two provincial ministerial posts are still vacant.

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