Tamil Provincial Councillors making false complaint of genocide to Navi Pillai

AG tells petitioners to lodge police complaint

The Attorney General yesterday told the Court of Appeal that the group of petitioners, who had complained of some Tamil Provincial Councilors writing to Navi Pillai and falsely accusing the Sinhalese of genocide, should first complain to an OIC of a police station. If that OIC failed to act on their complaint then they could use that failure or inaction of the OIC, as the cause of action in writ application against the IGP.

 Deputy Solicitor General, Priyantha Navaratna appeared for the Attorney General, who was requested by the Court to be amicus curiae.

The petitioner group had said that 28 Provincial Councilors are from the Northern Province and five from the Eastern Province had written to the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillai and had made a false complaint to her, to the effect that the Sinhalese were practicing genocide against the Tamils in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Counsel Dharshana Weerasekera appearing for the petitioners said that his clients had written to the IGP, but received no response.

The Court then advised counsel Weerasekera to advice his clients, to go to an OIC of a police station and lodge a formal complaint. If that was not acted upon by the police, to come and complain to the court.

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