Fashion stars of 2008

Looking back on the fashion scene in the year gone by one recalls many happy events, among them the Governor’s Cup Race meet last April, which was the venue for much style, the graduation fashion show by the students of the University of Moratuwa and more recently the exclusive show Lilamani Wijayaratna de Silva held at the fine dining room The California Grill. On final analysis it is not these events that makes fashion soar, but it is the women of style who keeps the flag flying.

Among those who made major contributions to this success were Ramani Fernando who has a penchent for style she creates with little innovations. So does Yoland Aluwihare Holms, whose flair for setting trends cannot be easily equalled. In the past year Otara Gunawardene has been busy with her business affairs, but whenever she made an appearance she didn’t fail to impress even though she may have worn jeans and a skinny. Among those who are in the category of always being well dressed are Goolbai Gunasekera, Padma Maharaja, Chocs Yoheswaran, and Rukmani Amerasinghe, even though they don’t strive to impress, but doing so with the traditional form of the saree. Always making a statement of style are Bhadra Wijesena, Rashmie Ukwatte, Dulanjali Jayakody, and Shobhana Nagendra. Striking clothes make those like Priyanthi Fernando, who is wearing more and more western attire and also makes style statements in sarees too. Nihara Rutnam whose style is perfect for her and very few others would be able to carry, and Chamari Jayaratne, was last year joined by her daughter. Nishara, Harshini Nadesan who makes the fashion pages was married at the end of the year and made one of the most lovely brides of the year.

The Welgama sisters, Sriyani Samarasinghe, Pradeepika Wimalaratne, Himali Nanayakkara, and Ramani Pelpola they make their own statements of stlyle. The other set who has been in the fashion limelight over many an year, are Manel Wickremasinghe, Lilamani De Silva, Chandra Wickremasinghe and Rohini Pandithage.Winners in the Kandyan saree stakes are Swarna Ameratunge and Lalini Alwis.

Belonging to the style wise group are Ranjanie Wijewardene, Rohini Cooray, Ruki Tissanayagam, Ramali Wijewardene and Sumita Radha who has the knack for carrying off a variety of styles and has a stamp of their own individuality, Another such woman of fashion who has her own boutique is Mano Caderamanpulle, while enjoying a heady success with her cosmetic creations is Janet Balasuriya, who too favours a variety of styles. Shiromal Cooray and her sister-in-law Dharshini too make their mark at many an occasion, as do Gayathrie Swaminathan, Sunethra Wijegunawardene Kamala Rockwood, Tylene Nagendra, and Tharindra de Silva. Making statements in style are Mersumi Andriesz with her designer clothes, and Kushani Gankanda, which group is joined by Yajna Thegarajah, Adirupini Thegaraja. Lakshika de Silva who sports ingenuivity with style, with a recent appearance she made in a Kandyan saree.

Artists Upekha de Silva, Iromie Wijewardene and Marie Alles Fernando rarely fail to impress celebrating her fiftieth birthday was Angela Seneviratne whose figure is perfect for clothes from the saree and western attire. Another such is Kamini Mukunthan who is among the most stylish among those in the media. There is the group who dress with quiet good taste among them from the older generation are Mano Muthukrishna and Kem Martenstynne . From the world of cinema are Sangeetha Weeraratne and Yasodha who can be relied on to look their best. From the hotel circuit there are the wives of the GM’s Sharmila Karr, Surakshi Siriwardene and Shireen Costley who left the country recently. Then always dressed impeccably are Yasmin Cader, Nirukshi Rupesinghe,and her sister Manisha Fernando, and Nirukshi’s assistant Shiromala who is dressed smartly in saree,Tharika Gunatilleke, Osadi de Silva, Gigi de Silva, her assistant Yasanthi, Lakmini and Niranga Gunaratne from the Taj Samudra.

Among those who don’t follow fashion but is nevertheless always well dressed are , Mavis Gardiner, Oosha Saravanamuttu, Shantha de Zoysa and Swyrie Balendra, On the other hand are those like Anusha David, Nela de Zoysa, Savithri Rodrigo, Glenda Parthipan, Champa Mohinani and Alnaz Esufali who are stylish to the hilt. Missing from the society circuit last year were Nadine Mahendran and Kumudini Anthony who have been abroad, we missed from among the regular group we meet in the society circuit.

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